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Why a mortgage consultant could be right for you

There are many strong reasons for engaging one of our Accredited Mortgage Consultants when shopping or reviewing your loan.

Financing a Sydney home may be the single largest purchasing decision you will make or have made. You might head straight to your bank when it comes time to apply for a loan, but this may not always be the best option, and there are significant benefits to going an alternate route.

There are many strong reasons for engaging one of our Accredited Mortgage Consultants when shopping or reviewing your loan. Even if you use your own bank to finance your mortgage, a Navigate mortgage consultant can be used to negotiate rates, process paperwork and manage the application on your behalf. And, if you aren’t set on a particular lender, a mortgage consultant can be your best friend.


The biggest advantage you gain by using an Accredited Mortgage Consultant, rather than a bank, is choice. Access 12+ banks and 50+ products compared to a single bank and their products.

Specialisation & Experience

Our Accredited Mortgage Consultants work with our Financial Adviser team to ensure your loan structure is right for your circumstances and specific to your needs. Our accredited mortgage consultants have many years of industry experience and the Navigate team has many year’s knowledge and experience in property investment to provide you specialist advice.

Follow up & Application Management

Following up the progress of your loan application can be incredibly time consuming and frustrating. Our accredited mortgage consultants have the contact and expertise to follow up your application, and they work for you directly.

Your personal banker

Your relationship with your accredited mortgage consultant and the Navigate advice team should be akin to having your very own personal banker. We’re available to provide you with ongoing expert advice and service to ensure your future financial vision is achieved.

It’s about more than just the loan

As a Navigate client you will be supported and serviced by the Navigate team. Our aim is to provide ongoing advice and strategy so that you pay off your loans as soon as possible. To speak to one of our mortgage consultants, please call us or complete the form below.

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