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Retirement planning is a subject most people don’t think about as they feel that it is too far away to worry about now.

We find that the sooner you consider the lifestyle you want in retirement, the sooner we can start creating a plan to achieve your goals. With an aging society here in Australia and uncertainty around Centrelink benefits in the future, we strive to work with you to ensure that you will be able to retire when it suits you and maintain the level of income you need to do the things you enjoy most.

The main things we consider when addressing retirement planning are:

  • What income you will need in today’s dollars when you choose to retirement
  • The assets you hold and what the best structure will be in retirement to minimize your tax liability
  • Provide you with strategic insight into the estimated value of your assets in retirement
  • Determine how long your money is likely to last based on the lifestyle you want

Through our experience we understand that retirement will be the biggest financial expense you will incur and in some cases you may spend more time in retirement than you did working so it is important that we take the right steps to secure your financial freedom.


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