When it comes to financial planning, retirement planning may not be the most exciting part. But it is easily one of the most important. It’s easy to put off thinking about retirement when reaching retirement age seems like a distant dream, but as each year passes by it starts to become more and more of a reality.

The main things we consider when addressing retirement planning are:

  • What income you will need in today’s dollars when you choose to retirement
  • The assets you hold and what the best structure will be in retirement to minimize your tax liability
  • Provide you with strategic insight into the estimated value of your assets in retirement
  • Determine how long your money is likely to last based on the lifestyle you want

It can help you work out whether you have the resources for a successful retirement. Even if you are already retired, continual planning can kick-start a conversation about setting new goals, trying new approaches or seeking help in particular areas that may have been overlooked.

We find that the sooner you consider the lifestyle you want in retirement, the sooner we can start creating a plan to achieve your goals.