Take years off your Home Loan with simple debt strategies

The average home loan in NSW is $610,000 with a loan term of 30 years. Did you know that over this period, $1,037,772 will be paid back to the bank?

Our Navigate debt specialist, Vanessa Brunker, uses simple strategies to help you repay less and in a shorter period of time.
Vanessa says, “It’s not all about getting the lowest interest rate. Making sure you have the right overall loan setup can mean you pay significantly less in interest payments.”

Simplifying your debt arrangement can take years off the average loan term and save considerable interest. On the average Sydney loan size, for example, by reducing the interest rate from 4.2%pa to 3.69%pa and switching your monthly payment to fortnightly will save $125,586 and take almost 4 years off a 30 year loan term.

This is based on a loan of $610,000 with principal and interest payments.

This opens other opportunities for investment or to spend on other passions.

There are many options to explore, speak to one of our Debt specialists today to see how we can make a difference.

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