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Retirement Planning

Why is a retirement plan an ongoing process?

When it comes to financial planning, retirement rarely sounds sexy. However, it is easily the most important aspect to consider.

Retirement, for want of a better term, is part of everyone’s journey in one form or another. We like to call it “financial freedom” or being in a position where you no longer need to go to work but can do so if you choose.

At Navigate, our retirement planning strategy involves working with you to build assets and investments that will provide you with passive income. This can be from Superannuation, and property investments, shares or other assets.

There are a few key points we consider when addressing your goals and in setting up passive income:

  • The income you will need in today’s dollars to live your chosen retirement lifestyle
  • The assets you currently hold and plan to hold, and the best way to structure this to minimise your tax liability
  • The right structures to hold your assets in to manage tax and estate planning for your beneficiaries
  • When will you need to access your money and how long will your investments last based on your chosen lifestyle

In our experience, we find a retirement plan is ongoing and the sooner you begin actively considering your ideal retirement lifestyle, the sooner we can help you implement a strategy to get to where you want to go.

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