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Importance of a Timely Mortgage Review

From fluctuating interest rates to life’s evolving milestones, maintaining a vigilant eye on your mortgage is paramount. Proactive management of your mortgage ensures it stays in sync with your financial objectives, fostering savings, equity, and confidence in the process. Read how having a timely mortgage review can actually uncover more savings in a long run.

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What is financial wellbeing?

It’s a question that all of us need ask ourselves. What does our own financial wellbeing look like? And why is it so important? This month, Callan Townsend looks at the different contributing factors and elements that make up financial wellbeing.

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Planning can help smooth Aged Care transitions

Preparing the way for you or a loved one to enter aged care can be a stressful time. Navigate Financial’s Accredited Aged Care Professional, Dennis Spiroski discusses the costs involved and how Navigate can assist you in this decision-making process.

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Five tips on how to pay your mortgage faster

In our latest blog, Navigate Financial senior financial adviser Rory D’Agostino discusses the impact rising interest rates, inflation and real wage declines have on mortgage holders. Read his five tips that might help you pay off your mortgage faster.

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Property Market Update

In our latest blog, Navigate Financial owner, director and senior financial adviser, Tony Borg, references a wealth of knowledge gained from more than 30 years of experience, to discuss property market patterns, and what we can learn from them.

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